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about us

There are two sources for pulp production and then paper production: The use of trees and the use of agricultural products. As we know, Iran is one of dry and semi-arid regions in terms of climate, weather and rainfall. Therefore, it does not have vast forest resources, as a result, it has never been and will never be a suitable place to produce paper from trees. Using agricultural residues to produce paper, the most important of which is bagasse, is one of the undeniable advantages in Iran and the Middle East. Pars Paper Industries Group was established in 1346 in the north of Khuzestan with the aim of using bagasse extracted from Haft Tepe sugarcane factory and was put into operation in 1349. After its establishment, this factory was the only supplier of printing and writing paper in the country for a long time. However, due to the damage caused during the imposed war and the lack of renovation and reconstruction during the tenure of the government sector, it was subject to permanent closure and its production capacity reached less than 20% of the nominal capacity in the years ending in 2011.
In October 2013, a new chapter began in Pars Paper Industries Group. The shares of this company were handed over to the private sector and a series of measures were started to rebuild and modernize machines, processes and human resources, and after two years of round-the-clock activity, Pars Paper Industries Group got a new life and achieved the highest production record in its life cycle. Found; In a way that targeted export markets and diversified its product portfolio. Today, Pars Paper Industries Group is the only producer of virgin chemical pulp in the Middle East, the only producer of chemical printing and writing paper, the producer of sanitary paper for disposable cups and several other products, and until today, Pars Paper Industries Group has been able to sell its products to more than 15 countries in the world to export. In line with the development of the activities, the shares of this company were publicly offered on the Tehran Stock Exchange in May 2015, and were admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange in July 2019, and fortunately, it has left a very good name in this market as well. The updated information of this collection can be seen in the stock exchange system as well as in the stock section of this database. The implementation of development plans in the Pars paper sub-category in the field of producing disposable cellulose containers is one of the measures to continue the path of excellence and progress of Pars paper.

tons of annual production capacity
Active human resources
Training hours per person

Laboratory and quality control

The quality control unit was formed in parallel with other units of the organization in order to control and maintain the quality indicators of the products and with the aim of permanently satisfying the customers and increasing the value of the products by guaranteeing the quality and also improving the quality level of the processes. The activities of this unit are categorized into the following three levels, which are continuously being carried out according to the ability of experts and the use of the most up-to-date and accurate European laboratory equipment: (1) control of raw materials and additives used; (2) control during the process, which includes finding and fixing defects in different stages of production, testing samples and ensuring that each product complies with the defined standards, which is done through checking the compliance of methods; (3) the final control of the products, including checking possible defects; By using the analysis of non-conformances and checking the statistics of tests and tests performed in the previous level, which ultimately leads to getting feedback on the satisfaction level of customers and analyzing and checking them.

human capitals

The human capital of any organization consists of the employees who work there. These capitals are a combination of talents, skills, and expertise that give a clear and unique characteristic to the organization, and the success of the organization depends on its human capital. The goals of the company’s human resources management are in line with its vital task, which is to increase organizational values and effectiveness through planning to improve the performance of human resources, and also by hiring experts to try to improve the inherent abilities of the company, create learning opportunities and support the preservation of special knowledge in has a company Therefore, in the form of aligning the strategic policies of the company with the factory processes, the human resources unit is interested in attracting experts and specialized forces based on the assessment of their abilities.

Research and development unit

The research and development unit is the core of the modern business world. Major decisions in companies are made based on research and development. Since the level of competition, production methods and processes are expanding at an increasing speed, therefore, in the business category, research and development are of high importance. This issue becomes more important in the field of marketing, where companies focus their sharp eyes on competitors and customers in order to keep up with the new trends of the consumer market and also to analyze the needs of consumers. In Pars Paper Industries Group, this unit systematically and creatively tries to add to the existing knowledge within the group and use it to invent new applications. This importance manifests itself in the form of developing and achieving a new product or application.


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